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Part 1: Doctor X hatches a cunning plan to hijack an airborne gold shiment. With that amount of gold he would be unstoppable. Action Man and his team set out in defend the ship, bravely battling Doctor X's forces, but the gold still manages to mysteriously disappear and the treasure ship with Action Man on board is blown to smithereens

Part 2: Doctor X has the gold and a hostage, making it difficult for the Action Force to launch a counter attack! Did Action Man Survive the blast? Can the hostage be rescued? Or will Doctor X finally win the battle and rule the world?


Part 1: In outer space, inside Space Station Extreme, the Action Force team gets a communication call from Secertary Norris and a very special member of the World Council, Monsieur DuPraise, Jacques' father, much to Jacques' excitement. His father asks his son to join him for the holidays while Secertary Norris tells Action Man about a serious business: a gold treasury shipment from Sargovia. He and Monsieur Dupraise explains that they are arranging for the entire sargovian treasury to be flown to the reserveral bank in New York for safekeeping, until Dr X was plotting to clutched them all. With the treasure stolen, the cashian government will be suspected by sargovians which believes that it was part of Dr X's plans and declares war that would creating carnage around the world with Dr X setting things up. Determined not to fail the World Council, the Action team geared up and set off to Earth in their Jet Extreme. On Earth, deep down under the sea, inside the Black Shark sub, Dr X was planning to steal the gold shipment with Gangrene constructing the robot to become a Skullmen. Dr X, in a evil greed of excitement, plots that world will started a war after the treasure will be stolen when he started soon to conquer all of Eastern Europe and then.... the world! On the surface, in the sky, Action Man and Natalie were piloting the plane with loads of golden treasure while Knuck and Jacques stayed on Jet Extreme, watching for any invaders with their scanners. Knowing that this was the same time Dr X was trying to invade the shipment, she tells Action Man about 2 years ago, the day she and Knuck met him and Jacques. When Natalie and Knuck were sent on their first call of duty, Action Man climbs up the mountain towards the house that was owned by Jacques.Among the way, they encountered an army of Skullmen and fire at them. Inside the house, X tries to threaten Jacques with his brain wiped serum gun to force him hand him over the control codes that programmed the security computers for the gold shipment that his father supervised, but Jacques bravely refused. Just then, Natalie and Knuck, along with Action Man, broke in and attack X and his Skullmen, setting fire everywhere. As Action Man rescued Jacques from the burning blaze, the enraged doctor shoot his serum at Action Man, right into his face, revealing a psycotic scar. Weakened with pain, Action Man, with Jacques in his arms, fell to the floor. Natalie and Knuck help them both up and escape the house before it explodes. Natalie notes that this was the day they've teamed up to fight the evil forces of Dr X and Action Man sadly notes that this was the day the brain wiped serum X was using causing him to lose his memory. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a whole fleet of Skulljets attacked them. The Action team, detemined not to give up, fight them back. During the chasing battle, a Skullmen from the jet jumps off and onto the plane where he tries to grab Action Man and Natalie, but they knocked him down and shaked the plane to bump him inside. After they successfully vanquished the Skulljets, Action Man decides to put the Skullmen somewhere safe: inside the treasure vault, much to Action Man and Nafalie's amazement. Action Man suddnely has a flashback abojt himself as a boy walking into the vault, filled with family fortune treasures including his ancestors portrait. Snapping out of his memory, action man tells natalie to put the skullman inside the vauly and locked the door, not noticing or knowing thst ghe skullman was really a robot which was controlled by Gangrene! He orders the robot

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