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Action Man: Código Gangrena (The Gangrene Code) is a direct-to video movie animated by Reel FX studio and the third CGI Action Man movie.

Plot summary[]

The film starts at a maximum security prison where Dr X and No Face are being held. Professor Gangrene leads his genetically-altered spiders to the prison and frees them.

We quickly span to the London Bridge and see 3 Action Force Gliders soaring through the night sky. Action Man, Flynt and Red Wolf fly to a Cargo/Docks shipping yard to face off with some terrorists. After Action Force makes quick work of them, one of the terrorists escapes, but Action Man puts him a tracking device which indicates he goes to X industries, a technology enterprise that is a front of Dr X's organisation. Sir Arthur Strong contacts Action Force via their wristcoms and tells them of Dr. X's and No Face's escape from the Maximum Security Prison.

Later, in X Industries, Action Force Bust in, coming through the windows. The building appears to be a safe-house for Dr. X, and Action Force's Flynt , Action Man , and Red Wolf, confront Professor Gangrene, Dr. X ,and No Face . They trade barbs and then suddenly the X-Robots come in to battle the Action Force team. Action Man scoffs at the X-Robots as he knows their weakness, then jumps at the X-Robot and hits the robot in the special place but... the X-Robot just gets back up !!!! Dr. X gloats that he has updated the X-Robots and has fixed their weakness!! The X-Robots attack Action Force but Action Man soon discovers new ways to defeat them. Action Man then turns to Dr X and his men and says they are next! No Face starts to whine about it's time to leave. Gangrene agrees and escapes on a jetpack leaving Dr. X and No-Face to fight Action Force alone, but not before grabbing a special device and taking it with him! As Gangrene Flees, Dr. X reveals his Cyber Dog X! As the Cyber Dog attacks, Dr. X and No Face make a dash for some motorcycles and make their escape. Red Wolf Tells Action Man and Flynt to go after Dr. X and No Face and he will handle the Cyber Dog alone. Flynt jumps on the Ninja Motorcycle and Action Man jumps into the Speed Chaser car and a chase occurs in the local cities street. Back at the Warehouse, Red Wolf finally defeats the cyber Dog while the chase that Flynt and Action Man are on ends when a tourist bus, avoiding No Face's cycle, crashes against a building that begins to fall. In fact Dr. X and No-Face end up escaping while Action Man has to save the bus from being crushed under the falling building.

Flynt picks up Red Wolf and the Action Force team regroups. Flynt shows a device Dr X dropped, goes to work on his computer to extaxt information from it, and the info indicates coordinates of the places where Dr X needs to go in order to get the components Gangrene needs for his plan. Soon after the team is aboard a Military Plane hot on Dr X's Trail.

We then find the Action Force team in the Jungle, Red Wolf is seen with the K9 Raid, the new Wolf companion Urban Wolf, and his new Falcon. Red Wolf is tracking Dr. X with the help of his animal companions. After accidentally springing a few traps on the way Red Wolfs Falcon finds a clue that will lead them to a secret bunker. After traveling through a passage through some rocks they find the bunker and the pets stay at the entrance and guard it as Red Wolf and Action Man enter the base. In the base they discover a Lab, but Gangrene has already been there andtaken what he needed. Flynt picks up a Jar and almost spills some green goo on himself, but Red Wolf slaps it away in time. Flynt gets the info he needs and heads out to analyze it back at ISD with Sir Arthur, but as he leaves he hits a button on the floor that leaves Red Wolf and Action Man trapped in the room with Gas spilling in. Unfortunately Flynt doesn't see this and leaves. Gangrene, who is watching on camera, starts gloating and as the Gas pours in Action Man and Red Wolf pass out! Raid and Urban Wolf hear Action Man and Red Wolf call for help and they proceed to the room, seeing their masters unconscious. They find the lever to the room and open and reach it by Raid standing on the back of Urban Wolf. Once the door opens up and the gas dispenses the two canines grab the passed out Action Force members and pull them out of the bunker and back into the Forest. Looking at each other they lie down and wait for Action Man and Red Wolf to wake up.

Soon Action Man and Red Wolf wake up and then quickly get into their vehicle and take off into the jungle. Soon they come across another Jungle bunker when their wrist coms go off. On the wrist com reporting is Sir Arthur and Flynt, who talk about the green goo found earlier being one of the most powerful known mutagens, and ISD chances of making an antidote being thin. A helicopter suddenly arrives and as it lands, it reveals its occupants to be No-Face, Dr. X, and Professor Gangrene. And Dr. X has been given some kind of Robotic enhancement on his arm. Dr. X is ready to take on Action Man and Red Wolf, but Gangrene stops him and instead releases his mutated animals, a Giant Crocodile and a huge anaconda snake, plus the spiders, to kill Action Force. As the mutated creatures head straight for Action force, Gangrene, No-face and Dr. X head for the bunker! Action Man and Red Wolf avoid the creatures and take net-shooting weaponry from the Turbo Charger, but the spiders get rid of the weapons. They defeat the creatures making the reptiles and spiders fight each other.

Inside the bunker, Dr X and No Face use the mutagen on Professor Gangrene as planned, and when Action Man and Red Wolf arrive, they find Gangrene has turned stronger and with the power of breathing poisonous gas. Dr X is about to finish Action Man when he notices Gangrene is leaving without him. Since Gangrene is enhanced, he doesn't need Dr X anymore. Action Man recovers and fights Dr X. When Dr X is about to be defeated, runs back into the bunker and enhances himself with a heavy artillery armor. Action Man and Red Wolf use Dr X's own power against him when they make him shoot a branch that falls on his head, the only un-armored part. Now there's only Gangrene left.

Gangrene's helicopter works with a ionic engine, the ion traces go to an island. When Gangrene finds Action Force's plane near the island, he sends mutated mosquitoes against them. When the plane falls, Action Man, Red Wolf and Urban Wolf parachute on the nearby water, where some X Robots are awaiting them.

After defeating the X Robots, they must fight some more in the island to save a bear from being turned into one of Gangrene's experiments. The bear himself finishes the remaining X-Robots and then Flynt arrives to redezvouz with the rest of Action Force.

Action Force fight one of Gangrene's spiders before finding Gangrene himself, then Action Force face Gangrene's remaining mutated monsters while Action Man confronts Gangrene. Action Man uses his sword to fan Gangrene's poisonous breath, but Gangrene still has his enhanced strenght. When Gangrene is about to finish Action Man using his breath again, Action man punches him in the stomach, making him swallow his own breath, which weakens him. Then Action Man defeats Professor Gangrene.

Shortly after, Sir Arthur calls Action Force with good and bad news: the good news are that ISD has found an antidote for the mutagen, the bad news are that Dr X and No Face have escaped. The movie ends with Action Force going to their next mission.

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