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Action Man: Robot Atak is a direct-to-video movie animated by Reel FX. It was written by Alan Grant.


The movie opens with Action Man riding on a motorcycle down the streets of a city as the opening credits appear. He arrives at a Bio Labs and drives his bike straight through a glass window startling Professor Moran, who Exclaims "Action Man what do you want?". Action man walks up to professor Moran and says "This is a hostile take over!" And knocks out the Professor cold.

In the next scene we see the newly reinstated Action Force in their gym working out but extremely bored. Suddenly the news comes on with an emergency announcement. It show an army of X Robots attacking the city it then announce that Action Force should be there helping but that they are wanted criminals because of Action Man kidnapping of Professor Moran. Action Man suspects Dr X who gave him his scar long ago. Suddenly they hear police sirens and leave rather quickly determined to get to the bottom of this and knowing that they are wanted criminal and the world will be looking for them.

Next we see a helicopter flying and Professor Moran waking up and looks at Action Man "What’s going on Action Man?" Action Man pulls his face off to reveal a horribly scarred face with no skin left covered in bandages. It's No Face, master of disguise! No Face exclaims “You have a new job professor; you are going to help me conquer the world”! We then see the helicopter approach Island X.

Once inside the base we see No Face and the professor walking in the base. No Face pushes the professor along. They pass a army of X Robots and come to No face's lab. No Face wants Professor Moran to develop a mind control gas and we then see an ape caged . No Face tells Professor Moran that he will experiment on Congo, the ape, or he will die.

We then cut to Action Force at night checking out their base. They need their vehicles and equipment, so they have to break into their base, steal their vehicles and equipment, and break out. Once inside the base, Flynt takes the Hummer, Red Wolf takes the Racer and Action Man takes the MTX Motorcycle. Once they are in their vehicles, they take off in a daring escape though the front gate with the pedal to the medal.

We then go back to Island X, where we see a tube with the recuperating Dr X in it. He is healing from massive injuries that almost killed him last time he faced and lost to Action Man. No Face is watching over him and making sure his recovery is going well. Once Dr X wakes up, he is ready for revenge against the world and Action Man. Dr X and No Face walk through their base as No Face asks about his new face to be made by Dr X (No Face main reason for working with Dr. X is that Dr. X has promised to make a new face for the horribly scarred No Face). Dr. X exclaims “All in good time” They enter the main control room for Dr X and No Face gives Dr. X a situation report. He updates him on the attacks by the X Robots, Professor Moran’s situation and that Action Man is a wanted Criminal because he framed him. Dr X is very happy indeed!

We then see the Action Force in the Hummer about a week later in a Desert Canyon. They are listening to the latest news. Flynt says that they have been fighting the X Robots for the last week non stop and their being run ragged.

We see that the Action Force in a crazy raid on an old rig stopping the X robots. We also see an attack thwarted in the forest a city and then back to a desert canyon. Flynt is wondering where it is ever going to end. Then he is interrupted by a report that a convoy of trucks carrying missiles in on its way to a city near by. Action Man then goes to intercept this latest attack.

Action Man is driving the racer and has come alone he confronts the truck convoy which, Unknown to him is led by Dr X himself and No Face. Action Man takes out the convoy and prevents the Missile Attack but Dr. X and No Face escape! Dr. X exclaims that “the plans have just moved forward”!

Later Action Force is riding through the street in their hummer .Action Man says "I put a tracer on the missile truck that escaped and it’s gone back to Island X". So the Action force heads to Island X.

Parachuting out above the island they land on the Island. Once on the ground they take off for some sightseeing! Scanning the Island they discover that the island has many tunnels and chambers so they pick one and enter into Dr X's base by climbing a rock wall.

Once inside Dr X's base, they sneak through the tunnels, narrowly avoiding a group of X Robots several times. They come to a point that they realize to find the answers they need and the professor they need to split up.

Professor Moran is in the lab and has finished the Mind control gas. He is being watched by some X Robots and he is being forced to start his experimentation on Congo the ape. Action Man discovers the lab and takes out the X Robots and frees Congo and Professor Moran.

In another part of the base we see Flynt in a tunnel and he comes across a room with Dr. X and No Face. He hears about the gas being loaded on the missiles! Suddenly we then cut to Red Wolf in another part of the base who just misses being discovered by a squad of X Robots being led by a Toxic Robot when suddenly Flynt breaks Radio silence to tell Red Wolf about the missiles. Unfortunately this alerts the X Robots to his location and Red Wolf is captured. With no response from Red Wolf Flynt takes on Dr. X and No face alone and is captured as well.

Action Man with Congo and Professor Moran come across Dr X and the captured Action Force members and tries to free them but loses to Dr X in a fight and is captured.

Action Man is then taken to an arena where is he forced to fight an X Robot gladiatorial Style in a ring. In the fight he discovers that the X Robots have a weak spot on their chest. After he defeats the X Robot in hand to hand combat Action Man escapes.

Dr X goes to prepare the missile launch while No Face tries to take care of the Action Man escaping problem. Dr. X in the missile silo has tied up Flynt, Red Wolf, Professor Moran and Congo right underneath the thrust expulsion of the Missiles thrust port. So they will be incinerated when the missile launches. No face comes in and exclaims that Action Man has escaped and Dr. X starts the countdown.

Action Man finds where the missile silo is and where his friends are being held, and attacks the missile silo. He frees them, but is unable to stop Dr X and the missiles launching. Dr X and No face escape to the main control room and Action force follows.

The final battle begins with Action Force attacking. Red Wolf takes on No Face, Flynt takes on a couple of X Robots and Action Man takes on Dr. X. Action Man wins his fight and when Red Wolf and Flynt change fighting partners in a quick switch move they beat their adversaries as well.

Unfortunately, Flynt, the computer whiz on the team, can’t stop the missiles or reroute them anywhere but... Right back to their exact location. Action Man double times it out of the base and the missiles destroy Dr X Base and much of the Island.

Afterwards, Action Force stands heroically above the destruction and Professor Moran says the first thing he is going to do is clear their name, because they saved the world and it was No Face that had kidnapped him. Action Man says “Were just doing our job Professor. We don’t do this for glory, we do this for Truth” Red Wolf then adds “ Justice” and Flynt adds "And the life of a good party!"

The Action Force is then seen in the Hummer with Flynt asking if Dr X is finished. Action Man responds “You can never write off Dr X”!

On another part of Island X, underneath some rubble, we see No Face and Dr X emerge! Dr X Exclaims that has another plan!

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