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Action Man is a 1995 European children's animated television show, created by DiC Entertainment. The cartoon is based on the 1990 Hasbro toy of the same name. Action Man is a member of an elite multinational task force who is trying to unlock the mystery of his past.


Tagline: Let's Get Extreme!

Action Man, produced by DiC Entertainment, was labelled as being in the genre of James Bond and Indiana Jones. Show creators claimed the show would "thrill both children and parents." The series was created using live-action footage to enhance the computer animation; DiC's sales promotions touted its "morphing techniques." DiC Entertainment ordered 26 episodes of thirty minutes length for the season.

Action Man was played by Mark Griffin, best known as "Trojan," from Gladiators, the British version of the United States hit sports show, American Gladiators. Devon Sawa, before his career took off, was one of the voice-over actors for various characters in the show.

A stage version of the television series was displayed from November 2007- January 2009, but was shut down due to lack of funding. Joken Hing played Action Man, alongside his arch enemy Dr. X as portrayed by Ramsay Jacobs.


Season 1 (1996)[]

1.- Explosive Situation

2.- Fountain of Youth

3.- Cybersoldier

4.- You Can't Go Home Again

5.- Ancient History

6.- The Red Plague

7.- Peril At Perigee

8.- Rogue Moons

9.- Hands Down

10.- We Come In Peace

11.- R.A.I.D.

12.- Skynap

13.- The Outside Edge

Season 2 (1997)[]

14.- The X Factor

15.- Ice Age

16.- Soul of Evil

17.- Deja Vu

18.- Satellite Down

19.- Space Walk

20.- The Most Dangerous Prey

21.- Points of Danger

22.- Crack of Doom

23.- Space Wars

24.- Past Performance

25.- A Time for Action (Part 1)

26.- A Time for Action (Part 2)

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