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The 2000 Action Man series was produced by Mainframe Entertainment and Saban Entertainment, airing on YTV in Canada and Fox Kids Saturday in the United States. The slogan for the series: Action Man, The Greatest Hero of Them All. Alex Mann, Action Man's civilian identity, is an extreme sports athlete of Team Xtreme. Danger and adrenaline trigger hidden mental powers called AMP (Advanced Macro Probability) Factor, a result of secret experiments by his former high school coach Simon Gray. Alex is able to calculate all future possibilities, choosing the best course of action. Action Man, Desmond "Grinder" Sinclair, Agnes "Fidget" Wilson and Ricky Singh-Baines must stop arch-enemy Dr. X, a brilliant geneticist and bio-engineer who stops at nothing to duplicate AMP Factor to rebuild Earth with the genetically enhanced neo-humanity.

Season One[]

Dr. X captured and tested Alex Mann repeatedly, as well as his best friend Brandon Cain. Dr. X added nanotech enhancements to Brandon, making him superior to Alex in battle and in athletics. The culmination of the experiments was to mind transfer Dr. X into Brandon's body to become a nanotech cyborg, able to change his appearance and infect others. Following the ninth episode the series experiences a variety of changes to its structure; these include (but are not limited to): pre-episode previews to outline (and possibly spoil) the plot, simplified dialogue between characters, immediate (and often repeated) explanations of details not immediately obvious upon viewing, moderate/significant use of stock footage, limited continuity between episodes and significant plot holes/unexplained cancellation of plot devices.

Season Two[]

Dr X founded the Council of Doom with his evil cohorts: Asazi, Tempest, Gangrene, and Quake. Dr. X's nanotech trilobites appeared to gain collective intelligence and rebel against him, but this was actually Brandon Cain's uploaded mind punishing Dr. X.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

  • Green Thoughts
  • Thirst
  • Ground Zero
  • Tower of Power
  • Rumble (Part 1)
  • Rumble (Part 2)
  • Search and Destroy
  • The Triton Factor
  • Mann's Best Friend
  • Mann Hunt
  • Tangled up in Green
  • Ultimate Doom (Part 1)
  • Ultimate Doom (Part 2)