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We start off in the Swiss Alps. We see some miners working when, suddenly, Skullmen troopers in Snow gear attack! They quickly subdue the miners and take them hostage but, unknown to the Skullmen, there is one of the miner’s son taking video! The Miners are loaded onto a helicopter, while being told by an older man in a trenchcoat, and a butler style hat with an English accent, that if they cooperate, no one would be hurt! Who is this man that is leading the Skullmen?

At the headquarters of Action Force, Secretary Norris is briefing the team with the Video that Hans (the boy whose father was taken hostage) had taken. Secretary Norris then points out the man that is leading the Skullmen. The man is none other than the Highly Respected Historian Ian Allanbee, Natalie Poole’s Uncle!!

Action Force is mobilized and sent to the Alps. On their way there, they get into their Snow uniforms. On the ground, Action Force watch Ian Allanbee and the Skullmen uncover a very old metal bunker from the mountainside. On the bunker's door is a big PAX sign. Unfortunately Natalie, Knuck, and Action Man are spotted by a Skullman Patrol on Skis. Action Man says he will lead the Skull man away while Natalie and Knuck try to find a way to get into the bunker undetected. Action Man jumps onto his Snow mobile and leads the Skull man away.

Knuck and Natalie eventually find an old air ventilation shaft that has become uncovered by the recent activity of Ian Allanbee and the Skullmen. They take off the cover and slide inside.

Outside, Action Man sets up a few traps for the Skullmen, taking them out and burying them in snow.

Inside the mine, Ian Allanbee is watching the miners, and telling them thei're doomed if they don’t cooperate, when suddenly the wall collapses, revealing a secret cache. Ian Allanbee is excited as he inspects the cache exclaiming "it's all here, contact Dr. X Immediately!"

From the shadows, Natalie and Knuck watch this. Natalie is disgusted that her own blood would help Dr. X, and tells Knuck to stay here while she goes to confront her uncle .

Soon, Ian Allanbee is removing some of the contents with some Skullmen telling them to be very careful, even 50 some odd years after it was buried, the gas is still extremely lethal. The Skull Men leave the room and Ian Allanbee alone, and that is when Natalie, disguised as a Skullman, grabs him and calls him a traitor!

Ian Allanbee is shocked and says “How did you escape?” and Natalie replies confused “What??? You’re not making any sense!”

Suddenly, Dr. X’s voice booms in and says “Let me explain” and we then pan over to see Dr. X, with a squad of Skullmen behind him with weapons aimed at the two Brits.

Between Ian Allanbee and Dr. X explaining, we learn that Dr. X made a hologram of Natalie and told Ian that if he didn’t help him he would kill Natalie. Ian had to help him, as he wanted to save her. Once this is learned, Dr. X throws both Natalie and Ian into the cell where her Hologram is too.

Dr. X will test his new weapon, that Ian Allanbee helped him uncover, here in the mine and it will destroy everyone, which consist of Ian Allanbee, the miners, and Action Force!

Dr. X boards his massive snow cruiser and prepares to leave, while the skullmen prepare to detonate one canister of the lethal Pax 39 gas, and finally board up the rest of the PAX 39 gas canisters onto Dr. X's snow cruiser.

Action Man sneaks into the base and finds Knuck. They are unfortunately spotted again and a full-fledged firefight erupts inside the mine. The miner, who is Hans Father ( Hans being the boy who took the video that was shown to the Action Force in the beginning of the episode), sees' a Skullman ready to fire upon Action Man, and pushes him over the platform, saving Action Man's life.

Knuck heads off to find Natalie, while Action Man goes after the escaping Dr. X, who has the PAX gas with him in his snow cruiser.

Knuck quickly finds Natalie and her uncle, and learns why Ian Allanbee was helping Dr. X. She then takes off the detonator switch that Dr. X had put on a canister of Pax gas that was supposed to kill them all. Ian Allanbee then tells Natalie that he was able to attach a bomb onto Dr. X Snow cruiser, but had no time to activate it.

Outside, Action Man is pursuing Dr. X on a snowboard, when he is informed by Natalie that her uncle placed a bomb on the snow cruiser, but it has to be activated still! Action Man is worried about the explosion releasing the gas but Ian Allanbee explains that the gas is extremely flammable and will be engulfed by the flames!

Dr. X then sees Action Man following him on the snowboard and fires upon him several times, but misses each time. At this time, Action Man suddenly sees the sun peaking through a mountain valley and it causes a memory Flashback that sends him crashing into the snow.

In this flashback, the red sun causes Action Man to remember a House Burning, whose house? Action Man's house, of course, but that is all we learn. Another small piece to the ongoing mystery of Action Man past.

Action Man, who fell because of the flashback, gets up and looks to see where Dr. X has gone too. He sees a perfect chance to cause an avalanche that will at least slow down Dr. X, if not stop him, so he can get to him quicker. Action Man fires his gun and the avalanche comes down onto Dr. X Snow cruiser.

Action Man quickly manages to get on the snow cruiser, just as Dr. X is managing to free it from the deep snow. Action Man gets underneath the snow cruiser, where the bomb is, and activates it . He then quickly drops and rolls off the tank, and watches the tank and all the Pax 39 gas go up in flames. With Dr. X escaping, no doubt.

Later, back at the Ski lodge, the Action Force is sitting around a table sipping on hot cocoa. The boy from the mine, Hans, comes up and thanks Action Man, but Action Man tells Hans that his father saved his life and that his father is a hero too. Action Man stands up and shakes the Hans father, with Hans looking up proudly and with admiration of his father. Natalie apologizes to her uncle for ever thinking he might be a traitor. He says no problem, smiles and says that history always shows that evil like Dr. X will never win.


  • Flashback: Action Man remembers his old house burning.
  • This episode is mainly centered on the character of Natalie.

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