Anti-Freeze Attacks is the story featured in issue #89 of Action Man.


Action Man explores the mysterious Island X and avoids some laser traps with his Snowboard Extreme until he reaches what looks like a man encased in solid ice. Action Man frees the man, who calls himself Anti-Freeze and was told by Dr X that Action Man would come, so he awaited inside the ice as his glycol blood cannot freeze. Anti-Freeze offers to Action Man the options of being mashed by his club, or sliced by his razor-sharp arms. Action Man tries to leave but a laser net stops him, so he decides instead to shoots discs from his board to Anti-Freeze, who evades them and threatens to freeze Action Man with his touch, but then Anti-Freeze accidentally touches the laser net and Action Man causes a snowslide that buries Anti-Freeze. Action Man leaves Anti-Freeze and goes in search for Dr X.

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