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"Arctic Ice Fall" is the story featured in issue #16 of Action Man


Two days ago, contact was lost with the Skytop Point Arctic Research Centre after a meteorite was reported on the icecap, so Action Man goes to investigate. There, he faces a polar bear. Action Man finds it's no ordinary bear; it's being remote-controlled, but when Action Man uses a rope to make the bear trip, the controlling device is knocked away.

As the weather clears, Action Man makes it up to Skytop Point. He finds the crew locked in their own base, and the only crewmember who isn't locked tells him they're quarantined to protect them from the meteor's alien germs. However, the crewmember really is Gangrene in disguise, who bludgeons Action Man with the meteor and escapes in a helicopter.

Action Man throws his ice axe to the copter's tail fan. The chopper hits a ledge, but Gangrene's unhurt and tries to escape parachuting, carrying the meteorite with him. Action Man throws his axe again and hits the meteorite, that falls into the deep crevasse. When Gangrene says things can't get any worse, the polar bear resurfaces and doesn't look at all pleased to see Gangrene.

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