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Brandon Caine is one of the main characters from the second Action Man TV series.

2000 TV series[]

Brandon Cain was an extreme sports star who was rival and best friend of Alex Mann. Brandon's leg got broken after hitting a chimney, when he tried to attempt to sling himself to the checkered flag. Kicked out by his crew and sponsors for that stunt, ending up in the hospital, the villainous Dr. X offers to upgrade Brandon's body so that he could compete with Alex again. Brandon returns in Switzerland, gaining cybernetic implants from X, successfully beating Alex for the first time. Brandon wants Alex to face him in the run again, but the upgrades get the better of him, as they start to overload, changing him into a monster. Alex and Brandon end up fighting, but his roar causes an avalanche as he gets rescued. Escaping from the hospital, Dr. X captures him along with Alex for one of his experiments. Even though Alex and Fidget escape, Brandon gets captured again, but later works for Dr. X in order to get a cure.

Failing to keep his promise to Brandon, he turns to Team Xtreme for help, as he and Alex return to X's lab, but there is only one problem; it is on the bottom of the ocean. There, Dr. X and his AI program capture them and reveals his true objective: transferring his mind into Brandon's upgraded body. Action Man rescues Brandon successfully as they escape, while Dr. X seemingly unconscious, drowns. Unknown to Action Man & Team Xtreme, the transfer was successful, and Brandon's body became Dr. X's reborn.

Sometime later, the green Trilabugs of X's from his old underwater laboratory, go on a rampage which puts the entire world in danger. This causes a most unlikely alliance with Dr. X and his Council of Doom and Action Man and his Team Xtreme. They stop them, but the Trllabugs morph into a giant version of Brandon Cain. It turns out, Brandon's brain was stored into X's computer system in his underwater lab, but Brandon's mind ended up transferred into one of his Trilabugs as a new breed was born, when the lab exploded.

As "Trila-Brandon" makes his way to Washington DC, Action Man forces X to help him in order to bring back Brandon. Taking advantage of the situation, X takes control of the Trila-Brandon giant, betraying Action Man, but Alex was able to find the lead Trilabug with Brandon inside. Beating Dr. X, Alex gives the lead Trilabug to Simon Gray, as he and fellow doctors & scientists successfully revive Brandon in a new body. Alex and all of Team Xtreme are happy to see him back again, freed of Dr. X's influence... forever.