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Building the Perfect Beast is a second episode of season 1 of Action Man 2000 TV series. It also marks the second part of “a Call to Action.”


When Brandon Caine escapes from the hospital, Alex and Fidget set off find him, until they ran into the hands of Dr X who captures them in his secret base. During the confrontation, X can access Alex’s brain powers to upload Brandon’s body.


At the secret area, Alex performs his gravity stunts, with the help of Big Air’s turbine and Fidget filming with her cam helmet. When she asked about meltdown, Alex told her that a voice he heard in Zermat advices him to unleashed his abilities. When he sees a serious look on Fidget’s face, he admits that it sounded a lot like meltdown. Inside Big Air, Grinder and Riki told each other about Brandon which menawhile in the hospital. When he woke up, he could feel his body shaking and transformed into an upgraded Frankenstein. Then he burst through the walls and jumped out of the hospital room. Back in Big Air, Alex was searching the trash for some clues. He picked up a card Brandon had found earlier in the hospital and handed it to Grinder. He read the name called Dr. X. Alex suggest that he knows where to find him and cure him. He decided to go find Dr X and Brandon. With joy, Fidget volunteered, claiming she can use her communication hearing aid with her upgraded camera as an extra to do her award winning documentary. Riki, snapped by the news, insisted that they should call the police instead. Alex told him that they will after they‘ll make sure Brandon was safe. He and Fidget jumped into their car and raced out of Big Air toward the office building. Fidget asked Riki to open up the satellite uplink, but he declines and shut his laptop. Annoyed by his refusal, Grinder steered his ship left, sending Riki flying out of his chair. Grinder opened the laptop and accessed the satellite uplink, communicating the satellite plate from Team Xtreme’s car with Alex and Fidget in it when they arrived at the empty parking lot inside the office building. When Alex got out of the car and wandered down the empty hall, leaving Fidget alone in the car, fiddling with the satellite plate, he heard a voice speaking to him. Alex looked around but nobody was here. Then he saw the elevator door began to close and rushes up to it, trying to keep them open. When the door shut tight, Alex yelled to a voice for why won’t someone just come out and tell him. Fidget arrives behind him, confused. Just then, the door opened, revealing a letter inside the elevator. Alex picked it up, opened it and pulled out something unexpected: a disc. When Fidget keeps blabbing for her documentary and Alex puts the letter inside his pocket, the elevator goes up until it stop at room 13. The door opened and Alex and Fidget walked into the empty office, surrounded by cube desks, towards the glitching TV. When they approached it, the screen was online, revealing the shadows of a mysterious scientist named Dr X. He told them the invitation was for them. Alex and Fidget declines about it because their camera flyers needed to keep up, too. Dr X explained that they’re both consent to a preliminary examination. Fidget scoffed firmly and asked if he‘s gonna take her ppulse with the modem. As she spoke, something creepy came crawling behind, she and Alex spun around and looked shock. It was an army of little trilobytes, controlled by Dr X! Alex picked up Fidget and lifted her high up. The bugs surrounded Alex and electrocuted his feet, knocking him and Fidget to the ground. Then they scooped them up and crawling them back to the elevator. Seeing them from the laptop in Big Air, Riki, realizing they’re in trouble, decided to call the police with his cell phone. Before he began to call them, a screen from the laptop changes to Dr X, thanks to his mini trillobyte reactivating Fidget’s camera voice communicator. X warns Riki and Grinder if they want to see his friends alive, they must keep the authorities out of this. Just then, Riki’s phone beeps up and the police spoke. Riki was about to tell them about the emergency, Grinder slyly presses the button, cutting the communication off and shakes his head at Riki. Then they watched as the helicopter carrying Alex and Fidget up into the sky. Riki tries to insist, but Grinder tells him to keep their promise to Dr X. The helicopter suddenly vanishes into thin air. Riki was snapped that their friends have been captured for now, but Grinder, reassuring him, stated that he still had a radar to find them. When Riki saw Alex's signal on the mobile map, he begs Grinder to call the police, but Grinder still refuses, telling him that they must let them think their friends were gone and follow them by themselves.