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Like Axel, Lioness thrives on challenge and will push her body to its limits. Lioness had two fears, Paine's powers and public speaking, both of which she overcame. She grew up with four brothers, named: Alexander, Antonio, Edvardo, and Fernando. So she understands how guys think and act. Lioness' father, known as Thrash, is a superstar and comes to visit her in one episode. She has a crush on Axel and is jealous of Magness when she flirts with him. While deep down Lioness does not hate Hawk, she is probably the least tolerant of his boisterous ego. She is also part of a group of capoeira performers in her off time.

2005 Series[]

Catalina "Lioness" Leone (voiced by Alli Mauzey) is the youngest on the team at the age of seventeen. 



Lioness excels at the Brazilian dance martial art Capoeira and even gives classes, which indicates that she has a high rank.

Her Capoeira knowledge enables her to fight very well and gracefully, as she is



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