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Competitive Edge is the series premiere of Action Man (2000 TV series).


Alex Mann, also known as Action Man is winning an extreme sports competition against Brandon Cain. Brandon makes a bold move to win and almost causes an accident, but suddenly Alex's mind shows him a mathemathic schematic of his surroundings, which allows him to calculate the best course of action and save Brandon and everyone else, though Brandon gets an injured leg.

In the hospital where Alex is visiting Brandon, they get a candy box with a calling card and a robotic bug. The bug connects to the TV in Brandon's room and the screen shows an old man calling himself Dr X, who offers both sportsmen to make them better. Alex refuses this "candy from strangers" but Brandon keeps Dr X's calling card.

Alex and Brandon compete in another extreme sports event, and this time Brandon wins. While Alex accepts his loss as a good sport, Brandon rubs his victory on Alex's face and behaves generally rude towards everyone. This culminates into Brandon losing control of himself and the cybernetic implants given by Dr X turning Brandon into a monster. Alex faces Brandon and uses his new mathemathic ability to save Brandon and himself from falling to their doom.