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The international terrorist Doctor X has acquired the only working protype of a Soviet cybernetic soldier. He plans to use it in building an unstoppable army! If it can pass its final test-- the total destruction of Action Man!


Our story begins in Russia, where we see it being attacked by Dr X's Skullmen.

Soon after, The Action Force arrives on the scene to stop the Skullmen from their mindless destruction. Unknown to them, a rouge mercenary makes off with some mysterious cargo. The Action Force defeats the Skullmen, but it seemed to easy. They learn they were duped and the real target was a security bunker nearby, where the mercenary came from. He boards a jet and gets away. But what was it they wanted? What could've been in an old, abandoned security bunker that would have Dr. X's attention?

Next scene takes us to Dr. X's submarine, where he congratulates his mercenary on a job well done and pays him. The mercenary, however, isn't happy with the money and demands more, saying it was more dangerous than he expected. To get his point across, he places a bomb on the cargo and threatens to destroy it if he isn't paid double. Dr. X laughs it off and gives him extra pay telling him he "Admires his audacity" but as the mercenary walks away with his money, Dr. X then tells him that he "Admires audacity, but not reward it." and with a press of a button, the floor underneith the mercenary opens, dropping him out of the sub and into the sea.

Professor Gangrene then opens the case and sees a lifeless robot. An android assasin. Once the high point of russian technology, but now abandoned. Dr. X reveals that this is the last working one. At least, for now. Dr. X and Gangrene plan to use it as a model to create more, that is if it passes "The Ultamite test." The ultimate test, of course, is to "Destroy Action Man".

Back in the city, Knuck gets fooled into buying a fake ring and Natalie shows concern of what Dr. X may be planning. Afterwards, Action Man is seen reading a book entitled "saving your past, a guide to improving memory." Knuck is shocked as he should be, because Action Man can read Russian and even HE didn't know he could. As they walk, Action Man puts the book in his trenchcoat and mentions that he seems to remember a friend named "James", but nothing else. He also expresses concern that Dr. X knows everything about him, but Action Man himself knows nothing. As they appraoch Action Man's car, Action Man sees a man in a trenchcoat and recognizes him. He has a quick flashback of a man like him climbing into a plane and waving. It appears to be that "James" guy he was talking about.

Action Man chases after him and it turns out to be a trap. "James" pulls a gun on him. Natalie gets the drop on him and gives him a kick, but "James" doesn't even feel it, and Natalie gets injured from kicking him. Knuck tries to punch him, but has the same effect. They fall to the ground in pain. "James" looks at him and in a robotic voice says "Good bye" and a gun comes from his chest, tearing through his coat.

We know now that "James" is really the russian robot assasin and shoots Action Man with that gun right on the chest, blowing him away and into the river. The robot reveals its true form. Knuck rushes to the river, Natalie shoots at it, but with no effect. Dr. X returns on his jet to take the robot back.

Knuck and Natalie are still badly hurt from the fight and say their final words to Action Man, thinking he's dead, but, elsewhere, he climbs out of the river and checks his coat. The book he placed there took the laser shot, saving his life. He tries to call Action Force Headquarters but his communicator is busted. He decides to use this to his advantage.

Back at the sub, since Dr. X believes the robot killed Action Man, he decides that the robot will be pefect to make into an army. But how is he gonna build more? The factory that made them was closed down as Gangrene brings up. Dr. X tells him that there are extra parts to make more robots hidden in the factory guarded by automated weaponry. Action Man returns to the bunker the robot was stolen from, and looks at some plans on a nearby table to find a weak spot. He sees the symbol of the company that made the robot and takes it as a clue. Dr. X and his Skullmen head for the factory. As stated, the automated weapons open fire, but the Skullmen take them down easily. An alert is signaled to Action Force headquarters. The Jacques gets depressed though, feeling it's pointless to go on without Action Man. Knuck tells him that's not how Action Man would want them handling this and through some talk, they decide to go after X.

The Skullmen finally break into the factory and, while Dr X monologues, Action Force attacks. Dr X assumes they're nothing without Action Man, and continues as planned. Gangrene and the Robot break in, but Action Man reveals to already be in the room with explosives that are all over the room. Dr. X gloats that not even his multigun can cut through the robot's armor, and Action Man simply states that he'll have to attack from inside. The team break in and find Action Man, and are, of course, happy about it. Action Man fires his gun right in the robot's gun hold, blowing it up halfway. The legs of the robot continue to walk into the room, activates the explosives and destroys all the parts to make more robots. Afterwards, Natalie gives Action Man a big hug, then Knuck decides to swallow his pride and give Action Man a "guy hug" Action Man simply states "Let's go home".


  • Flashback: Action Man used to have a friend named James and he is seen in uniform getting into a jet. The exact significance of it was never explicitly revealed in the series or the series bible. However, James and this particular aircraft show up again, but not until Episode 20 "The Most Dangerous Prey".
  • This episode was written by Bob Forward, who is famous for the Beast Wars series.

External links[] : User Jamarmiller gives many plausible hints of the robot assassin possibly being a prototype of the X Robots featured in Action Man: Robot Atak.