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"Deadly Pursuit" is the story featured in issue #15 of Action Man


Dr X plans to level the arctic ice cap unless his followers are released from jail, which would cause a massive disaster and submerge London forever. Action Man goes to Dr X's last known position in a stealth jet and finds the plane where Dr X and some Skullmen are preparing the bombs to use on the arctic cap. Action Man jumps to the roof of the plane and gets inside. There, Dr X shoots his mechanical hand to Action Man, who catches it and throws it to the Skullmen tryying to get him. The hand hits the computer that controls the bombs, so the countdown is aborted at 3,5 seconds. Dr X sets the plane to dive into the ice caps with the bombs inside and explode there. Action Man shoots the computer to force the bombs to explode before reaching the ice caps and uses a cable that ties him to his jet to be pulled back into it, while Dr X and the Skullmen escape the exploding plane in parachutes.

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