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"Devil's Triangle" is the story featured in issue #54 of Action Man


Action Man is at Brand5 Hatch, to watch his friend Morris Shoemaker race in the Grand Prix. When he sees a suspicious mechanic who isn't part of the team, and finds he sabotaged all of the racing cars under Dr X's orders. Action Man unmasks the mechanic, who is actually Maxx. He has planted a transmitter in each racing car, so the first one to finish will activate a hidden laser that will destroy the winner unless they pay Dr X a 200 million ransom, and if the racers are warned, Dr X will target the grandstand. Action Man decides the only option is to win the race himself in a sabotage-free car.

Action Man must keep control after passing over an oil spill, jump over crashed cars and finally pass Morris before the finish line. Action Man jumps just in time to avert Dr X's laser that destroys his car, and he finds it comes from the observation tower. Action Man finds Dr X and two henchmen there, defeats the henchmen and hits Dr X with his racing helmet. While the police carry Dr X away, Action Man assures Morris that the next time he will leave the driving to the professionals.

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