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Action Man feels as though Doctor X is reading his mind as he tries to solve a kidnapping mystery and finds himself out-guessed at every turn. The action hero is able to enlist Raid's help, but he still has to overcome the skullmen!


We open in Paris where a News Reporter explains that security around the city has been tightened for the latest “World Peace Summit”. While all the world leaders are there together, Doctor X appears and kidnaps them. Then he puts the President of the United States up for ransom. Meanwhile, at Action base, X’s ransom demand comes over the TV, while Action Man and Action Force are exercising. This whole thing causes Action Man a strange sense of Déjà vu which isn’t quite the same as his usual memory flashes.

Action Force arrives in Paris in their SWAT gear. They try a direct frontal approach to get into the building where Dr X has the hostages and as Action Man is setting the timer on the bomb, he has a memory flash. But it is an odd one, since it is a memory flash of the same place he is already in. Knuck brings him out of it, just in time to toss the bomb before it explodes in his face.

This is only the first of many failures on Action Man’s part to rescue the hostages. He makes several attempts and most of them fail, because Dr X seems to know what he is thinking. What we discover is that Dr X DOES know what he is thinking. Ursula is seen reading off exactly what Action Man is going to do in each rescue attempt. Plus, Action Man is having one major memory flash after another, and seems to really start doubting himself and is quite confused as to how Dr X is anticipating him.

The Action Force only succeeds in finally finding and rescuing the hostages once Action Man starts improvising instead of following a set plan. It is in the final confrontation with Doctor X that Action Man finds out, via yet another memory flash, that he was the one that created the perfect plan for Doctor X, back when Action Man was a Skullman.


  • Flashback: Action Man apparently was trained as a Skullman and worked under Doctor X at some point in his lost past.
  • The President of the USA resembles Hillary Clinton.
  • The outfit Action Man uses there comes from the toy set that also included Raid.

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