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"Face Off" is the story featured in issue #128 of Action Man.


Inside the Internatonal Scientific Defense building, a security guard steals an extremely top secret document. The guard is actually No Face, who gets rid of his disguise, and the document contains the shutdown codes for all the world's satellites. With it, Dr X will be able to fire his Terror Toxin-filled missiles across the planet without being detected.

No Face leaves on a motorcycle, but Action Man watches him and pursues in his car, calling Red Wolf to stand by.

When No Face sees Action Man pursuing, he calls biker X Robots as backup. Action Man gets rid of the robots and shoots missiles at No Face, who thinks Action Man missed, but AM is actually getting No Face into position for Red Wolf to strike. Red Wolf shoots and arrow that hits the document and takes it out of No Face's hands.

Dr X arives by helicopter to rendezvouz No Face, who after boarding the copter, makes his cycle blow up, and Action Man, with no time to react, activates the ejector seat while his car is engulfed by the explosion.

Action Man safely parachutes to the ground, while watching Dr X's helicopter escape in the distance. Action Man is sad that X and No Face escaped, but Re3d Wolf shot a tracer arrow onto their helicopter which will lead them to X's next hiding place.

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