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"Fight Against Time" is the story published in issue #7 of the Action Man comic.


Action Man and Krunch are having box training, but Action Man finds that Dr X has planted a bomb in the bridge and goes there. Krunch wants to help AM, who tells him to stay because he has a fight to attend. When Action Man arrives to the bridge, there's no bomb, but a note from Dr X telling the real bomb is in the stadium and will freeze everyone at the start of round 5. The bridge control room blows up, leaving Action Man stuck there.

Dr X is at the stadium watching Krunch's boxing match, gloating to himself that everybody will soon be frozen still.

Meanwhile, Action Man rides his car and speeds up to jump the bridge. He hears from the radio when rounds 3 and 4 pass, so he hurries.

With no time to reach the door, Action Man blows a wall of the stadium to get inside and stop the bell just before round 5 starts. Dr X escapes while Action Man watches Krunch getting the champion belt.

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