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Braving a series of jungle trap, Action Man is sent to the Amazon Rainforest to discover the whereabouts of a husband and wife ethnobotany team who are feared to be held captive by the international terrorist Dr. X !


This episode starts in the Amazon Rainforest, in South America. The screen pans around to see a research camp in the middle of the jungle and we hear two research scientists reporting in on their weekly check in to Secretary Norris and they are ecstatic! They tell Secretary Norris that they have made a break though finally, They have finally developed a serum from a special and rare flower that prevents cell deterioration and actually causes Cell regeneration!

Unfortunetly Secretary Norris isn't the only one listening to the transmission, Dr X has hacked his way into the transmission as well, he quickly locates the Scientist location and then jams the signal cutting off Secretary Norris and the two scientist. He then dispatches a team of Skull men to set up equipment that includes traps and defenses around the camp

Secretary Norris is unable to continue the transmission and decides to send in a rescue team, so the Action Force is needed! So at Action Forces' Headquarters, secretary Norris begins briefing the team. Secretay Norris shows the team pictures of the two Research Scientist. Their names are Dr. Will Fargo and Dr. Julia Fargo. As Secretary Norris debriefs the team he mentions that the scientists are Ethnobotonist, which triggers a flashback for Action Man, Action Man then tells the Action Force to his amazement that a ethnobotonist is a person who studies the utilization of native flora by indigenous people.

Secretary Norris then explains to Action Man that this serum that Dr. Will and Julia Fargo developed will help Action Man regain his memories, as the serum regenerates cells. Combined with the fact that these people need to be found and rescued, and this new revelation that Action Man would be able to regain his memories, Action Man and the Action Force are mobilized!

Natalie Flies Knuck and Action Man into the Amazon but, before she is able to drop them off and land, they discover Dr. X's sub nearby in the river. While back at the Research scientist base camp Dr. X walks into the main tent and takes the scientists and all their work Hostage! Dr. X immediately destroys the electronic Location Beacon, leaving Action Force without the ability to find the camp with their electronic equipment and having to rely on thier own skills of search and rescue .

Dr. X then launches some heat-seeking surface-to-air missiles at The helicopter that the Action Force is in, but Natalie is able to narrowly outmaneuver them and then quickly drop off Knuck and Action Man.

Dr. X watches Knuck and Action Man through cameras his Skullmen have set up and, one by one, Dr. X watches them both evade these traps. Back at the Research Camp, Dr. X explains why he wants the serum. One, so he can sell it to the worlds riches people who will pay millions to slow the ageing effect, increase their life spans significantly or even to cure Alzheimer. The second reason is to prevent Action Man ever getting a hold of it. If Action Man was to ever get a hold of the serum it he would regain his lost memories and then be twice as dangerous as before! Dr. X wants more serum created before he leaves but, with the flower being so rare and hard to find, it is very difficult.

Action Man and Knuck come across the camp finally and attack with full guns blazing at Dr. X , Gangrene and the Skullman troops.

Dr. X and his Skullmen are losing, so Dr. X decides if he can’t have the serum, no one will and, most importantly, neither will Action Man get it either, so he destroys the Research tent and all its contents by blowing it up. Unfortunately, insidee the tent is Dr. Julia Fargo, and she is trapped by the flames, and those flames are on a very fast path to some even more deadly explosive materials. Action Man runs into the tent to save her but, mere moments after he runs in to save her, the tent erupts in a huge explosion!!!

Luckily, Action Man survives, and even manages to rescue Dr Fargo by cutting a new door in the back of the tent. He then gets the drop on Dr. X and, with guns centered on Dr. X, he triumphantly says “You're under arrest Dr. X “

Action Man and Dr. X come face to face, but then Dr. X reveals that his Bionic/Robotic hand is a bomb that is set to explode in 20 seconds! Everyone runs and tries to put as much distance in between Dr. X’s hand and themselves! The bomb goes off just like Dr. X said it would, and the explosion engulfs the area, and the flames circle Knuck ,Action Man, Dr. Will Fargo and Dr. Julia Fargo. Luckily, Natalie is nearby and arrives on the scene in the helicopter and airlifts the group out of there.

Back at the base, both Doctors Fargo explain that they have lost everything from their research and the flower is completely gone, as the area which it grew is completely decimated. The serum that Action Man had hoped to be able to use to regain his memories is gone for good. So, while the operation was successful as far as a rescue operation goes, the chance for Action Man to regain his memories are gone.


  • Flashback: It is learned that Action Man spent sometime in a university studying science and here he is reading the book Crime and Punishment (which is revealed at the end of the show in the Live action VR segment).
  • This episode has the first mention of anything about Action Man's lost memories being dangerous to Dr. X.
  • Will and Julia Fargo visually resemble Joe Colton and Jane Ann Martelle, which could be an intentional homage given that the original Action Man figures were an import of the original G.I. Joe (who became Joe Colton for modern G.I. Joe media).
  • This episode was written by series editor Phil Harnage.

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