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Dr X frames Action Man of an U.S. ambassador kidnapping.


At a party, Action Force gets medals from the U.S. ambassador, but then the lights fade out and the ambassador is kidnapped by Skullmen. Action Man, who is the only one to see the kidnapping, takes his car and pursues Dr X, who carries the ambassador in a two-floor bus. Action Man uses a glue gun to stick Dr X's mechanical hand to the bus mirror, but the doctor escapes anyways by leaving his hand behind while the Skullmen take the ambassador away. A policewoman mistrusts Action Man since only he saw the alleged kidnapping.

Doctor X has Professor Gangrene brainwash the ambassador and then they leave him in a warehouse for Action Man to find him. Right when Action Man, Knuck and Natalie find the ambassador, he claims that they kidnapped him, and the policewoman leads an unit to arrest them, but Action Man runs away.

Secretary Norris visits Knuck and Natalie in prison, pretending to believe the charges against them, but actually brings them explosives to escape. Jacques tells Action Man that Dr X's discarded hand is made of an alloy only found in Denmark, where also is a missile factory.

Action Man and Jacques reach the factory, but Gangrene traps them with an electric net on the door. Jacques hacks the system and closes all doors, so Gangrene cannot leave either until Action Man finally disables the net.

They bring Gangrene to the ambassador, but Dr X arrives pretending to save the ambassador from the "evil" Action Man. The cops arrive, and the ambassador tells them that Action Man tried to kidnap him again until his savior arrived. The policewoman points him that his savior is Doctor X, which makes the ambassador to snap out of his brainwashing. Dr X tries to have Gangrene brainwash the ambassador again, but then Knuck and Natalie arrive. During the resulting firefight, Action Man saves the policewoman's back from an attack of Dr X, who then calls the retreat.

The ambassador tries to give Action Force more medals for their heroism, but they say no more medals.


  • Flashback: Action Man remembers somebody throwing him toys over his head. Given the info from the series bible, it is likely to be his older brother.
  • At the end of the episode, Action Man tells us to not reject or pity people in wheelchairs, but instead to treat them as people just like ourselves. He mentions Jacques as an example.