ISD (International Scientific Defence) was a multi-national military\law enforcement agency.They have commandos/agents that look indentical to g.i. joe Beachhead because real fix studio's used the same character model from valor vs venom, they repainted beach head with a radio to look more like a agent from a private law enforcement company,and they put an ISD badge, gave them taser schockters and painted his balacaver black and gave him a new voice actor to make a new model called ISD Commando. Their leader is a man called Sir Arthur Strong wich uses the gi joe vsv shipwreck model but repainted his hair and beard blonde and took away his hat. Their second in command is a man called mr.w. It is unknown if the ISD is still active but they survived the x missions story this may hint they're still active.also the isd have spy satellites to protect earth from Dr X or any other threat.the isd have the technology level of any professinal military organization,but they are very hi-tech because of there weapons called shocksters and they have modern military gear armour and uniforms.alot of there equipment is like modern swat team's.the purpoose of the isd is the use hi-technology/[hi-tech warfare gear] to protect earth and keep the peace.there best agent is a woman named Rebel (she uses the Scarlett character model from gi joe but painted black) and Action Man works with the isd so he counts,

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