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"Into Action" is the story featured in issue #1 of Action Man


Dr X has a meeting with Enzo, leader of the Street Tigers gang. Dr X wants to take over the Street Tigers, so Enzo's men and Dr X's men begin to point weapons to each other. Action Man arrives to stop them, and Dr X orders both his people and the Street Tigers to get him, but that's easier to say than do. Action Man reaches Dr X and punches his face, only to find Dr X is really a robot imposter.

Action Man leaves the Street Tigers and Dr X's henchmen tied for the police, but takes the robot head with him to his New York warehouse and uses it to track Dr X's home base, deep in the Peruvian rainforest. There, he's taken prisoner by Prototype Alpha, a robot created by Dr X

Dr X's plan is to create an army of robots like Prototype Alpha to take over the world, Dr X orders Alpha to destroy Action Man, but Alpha is too slow to react and Action Man manages to trick it to shoot Dr X. The Dr X who was shot ends being another robot imposter, and Action Man destroys the facility to impede the making of more robots.

Although the mission was a success, Action Man feels cheated out of a face-to-face confrontation with Dr X, but then an incoming transmission says that a toxic waste plane has been hijacked; there will be more missions, and each mission is a step closer to get Dr X and make him pay for the misery he has caused to the world.

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