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"Lord of the Skies" is the story featured in issue #6 of Action Man.


Dr X threathens to steal the new Heligun just like he has stolen other secret planes, to add it to his pirate fleet, so a new security team has been called: Action Man and Raid. Raid notices something fishy about the new test pilot, who really is one of Dr X's droids. Action Man tackles the droid, who self-destructs, but not before Action Man takes his control chip, which will help him find Dr X and the stolen planes.

Action Man takes a copter to Dr X's location and is "welcomed" with a barrage of missiles by Dr X. Action Man evades the missiles, which end hitting Dr X himself.

Action Man finds the stolen fleet and shoots Dr X's robotic pilots and the planes, yet with the right firepower to recover and repair them later.

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