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No Face

No Face is a villanous master of disguises who works for Dr X. He lost his skin in a nuclear accident, so when he is not in disguise, No Face covers his disfigured face (or, as his name suggests, his lack of face) with bandages. No Face's reason to work for Dr X is that Dr X or Professor Gangrene could genetically re-create his face.

Direct to video movies[]

No Face first appears in Action Man: Robot Atak, where he, disguised as Action Man, kidnaps Professor Moran. Action Man is framed for the kidnap, but later the truth is discovered.

No Face appears again in Action Man: X Missions, where he kidnaps Sir Arthur Strong, and later disguises himself as Sir Arthur, in order to steal a code card for the entire world's sattelite control systems. At some point in the film, Professor Gangrene offers him to genetically re-create his face, but he refuses after learning the face he would get could be like Gangrene's hideous one. He is later captured by Action Force.

No Face has a minor role in Action Man: Código Gangrena, where he uses a sweater, rather than his trenchcoat.


No Face in disguise

No Face removing his mask

The only No Face figure was released in 2004. He included a trenchcoat, a big combat blade, bandages to cover his scarred face, and an Action Man mask for disguise.