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"No Man's Land" is the story featured in issue #61 of Action Man


A part of the city is taken over, with the people kept by electric fence. Action Man tries to find a way inside with his Cyber-dog.

Action Man enters the area through the sewers, and finds in the street a kid being threathened by thugs. Action Man defeats the thughs and the kid explains that all the adults have been taken by the new emperor of the area, who wants them to join his gang.

Action Man finds the emperor, who is Dr X. The Cyber-dog shoots Dr X's balcony, which encourages the prisoners to fight back against Dr X's men. Dr X orders Professor Gangrene to activate a smog machine so their enemies can't see, but the Cyber-dog sniffs them so Action Man can reach them. Action Man wants to switch off the electric fence, but then he finds it's powered by lightning courtesy of Tempest. The Cyber-dog catches and breaks Tempest's weapon so Action Man can knock him out. The rest of emperor X's gang are soon rounded up, and Action Man thanks the kid to helped him, now reunited with his parents.

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