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Professor Gangrene circa 2002

Professor Gangrene is a mad scientist who works for Dr X. in most versions he is green-skinned, almost bald and his left eye is bigger than the right one. An interesting thing to note is that he has been shown to be greedy and to have a love for money. A reason for this characteristic could be due to his name and colour scheme - both of which are green (green with envy and because money is green). He has also been potrayed as unloyal to Dr X and is usually motivated by his own goals and agenda.

1995 TV series[]

Professor Gangrene appears as a thin scientist who makes several inventions for Dr X. He is voiced by David Hay. He has a lab suit with his logo on one of the pockets.

2000 TV series[]

Gangrene, who is not to referred to as a professor in the 2000 series, appears as a man whose blood contains several types of poisons, which he can shoot with his gun. He can also fire acid from his gut and a vine can come from his hand. Gangrene also has a potion which can destroy any living matter. His appearance is that of the 2000 Gangrene. He is voiced by Gary Chalk.

Direct to video films[]

Professor Gangrene appears in Action Man: X Missions, aiding Dr X and No Face against Action Force. While Dr X and No Face are captured, Gangrene escapes. He is voiced by voice actor Scott McNeil.

Gangrene re-appears in Action Man: Código Gangrena (Action Man: Code Gangrene), releasing Dr X and No Face from jail, just to later betray them and try to destroy Action Man by himself, but he is defeated.


The first Professor Gangrene action figure was released in 1997. He looked very similar to his appearance in the TV series, but his costume was very different. On the figure he wore a green jumpsuit-like outfit with his logo on it. He came with a mini water gun. This figure is known to have a special figure that looks just like him but has a different head. I think it may be a prototype.

The second Professor Gangrene figure, released in 2000, had a tattered lab costume which turned to a kind of fishnet around the belly. If the belly was squeezed, it would bubble up and green bubbles would appear. This figure was the basis for his appearance in the 2000 TV series. He had a white acid shooter resembling a pistol with green accents and a small tank of acid resting above the barrel.

The 2002 Professor Gangrene had white armor, a gun redecoed from those of his 2000 version but was a metallic colour and not white, and an action feature: pulling his left hand down made his head turn, revealing a different face - likely representing the mad scientist cackling (or getting very annoyed) - just like in X-Missions, where his costume was based on this figure. Later, when Gangrene Code came out, the same figure was released again. The only real difference between this figure and the original was that was it had green armor instead of white.

In 2003 Gangrene had a mummified apperance. He was included in the Pyramid Mission set with a Indina Jones-like Action Man. The tomb has Gangrene's logo on it. Part of the set included a set of spikes that would come out of a wall when a tile on it was pressed down.

When the Gangrene Code was released in Mexico, a new Gangrene was released in Mexico based on his appearance in that movie.


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