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Professor Moran is a scientist who appears in the movie Action Man: Robot Atak.

Direct to video movies[]

No Face, disguised as Action Man arrives at a Bio Labs and kidnaps Professor Moran and carries him to Island X. No Face wants Professor Moran to develop a mind control gas and we then see an ape caged . No Face tells Professor Moran that he will experiment on Congo, the ape, or he will die.

Professor Moran finishes the Mind control gas. He is being watched by some X Robots and he is being forced to start his experimentation on Congo the ape. The real Action Man discovers the lab and takes out the X Robots and frees Congo and Professor Moran.

Action Man with Congo and Professor Moran come across Dr X and the captured Action Force members and tries to free them but loses to Dr X in a fight and is captured. After defeating an X Robot in hand to hand combat, Action Man escapes.

Dr. X ties up Flynt, Red Wolf, Professor Moran and Congo right underneath the thrust expulsion of the Missiles thrust port. So they will be incinerated when the missile launches. Action Man finds where the missile silo is and where his friends are being held, and attacks the missile silo. He frees them.

After Dr X's base is destroyed, Professor Moran says the first thing he is going to do is clear their name, because they saved the world and it was No Face that had kidnapped him.