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Raid is Action Man's trusty dog companion.

1990s TV series[]

Action Force discovers a German Shepard routing through the garbage cans of New York City. Jacques pleads with Action Man to let him keep the animal, but the rest of the team seem opposed to the idea, most notably Knuck, who is blatantly against the idea.

However, Action Man, who has one of his memory flashes, about him as a child playing with a similar dog as the one they just found; only it is a white dog. This causes him to agree to allow Jacques to keep the animal.

Jacques names the Dog RAID. An Acronym that stands for: Randomly Acquired Intelligent Dog.

Suddenly, there is an Emergency Alert. The team arrives just in time to stop the Skullmen. Or, at least, they would have stopped the Skullmen, had Raid not chosen that moment to go berserk and attack the Action Force instead of the Skullmen. Action Man is forced to knock Raid unconscious.

A nano-virus emitted by Raid's collar is what causes him to turn via remote control from Doctor X. Fortunately, Jacques is able to rig up a dampening device and is sure Raid will be as good as new.

In the midst of the battle, Professor Gangrene discovers the inhibitor on Raid and shoots it off. The entire mission almost fails as Raid goes under Dr X's control again. But, Action Man convinces Raid to shake off Dr X's control and, in doing so, the collar explodes and Raid is finally free. Finally, it is decided, much to Knuck's chagrin, that Raid will be a new member of the Action Force.

Raid re-appears on several episodes after that.

Direct to video movies[]

Raid appeared in Action Man: Código Gangrena.


Raid is the most re-used pet companion for Action Man. He was once released in 1996 with Crimebuster Action Man and in 2002 along with a 4x4 vehicle for Action Man.