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Red Wolf

Red Wolf is an Action Force member. He is a native American Indian, he is intelligent and always prepared for the most dangerous missions. Recently he has become accompanied by a hawk trained by himself since childhood, The hawk has been trained to attack the enemy with a simple movement of Red Wolf's arm. Red Wolf is an expert Hunter and tracker who uses old apache indian techniques. He has natural survival instincts and can spot any danger a mile off.

Direct to video movies[]

Red Wolf first appeared in Action Man: Robot Atak as part of Action Force. When No Face frames Action Man of the kidnapping of Professor Moran, Action Force become fugitives until they defeat Dr X, No Face and an army of X Robots, and clear Action Man's name.

Red Wolf appears again in Action Man: X Missions and Action Man: Código Gangrena. In the last one, he is seen accompanied by his hawk.



The first Red Wolf figure was released in 2004. He included a blue and black working bow with three arrows and a tomahawk.

The second Red Wolf figure released was almost unchanged, besides a red streak on his hair. This version came with a kayak.

The third version of Red Wolf looked very similar to the second one. He came with his hawk.

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