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Doctor X develops a supergun and unless he gets his ransom he's going to blow up the Earth, city by city. Suddenly, everyone's relying on the bravery of Action Man and the Action Force to stop a disastrous takeover. Can they save the day?


Everything seems peaceful on planet Earth. Then, out of nowhere, a huge meteorite, which Astronomers refer as a rogue moon, flies down from the heavens and strikes a small area. Suddenly, Doctor X appears and tells the world that he now has the power to send down rogue moons whenever he wishes, unless the world bows down to his rule.

In Action Force HQ, it doesn't take Jacques long to figure out the “rogue moon” is actually some sort of advanced projectile weapon cooked up by Doctor X. Once he computes the trajectory of the weapon, he is able to trace it to the Gobi Desert and the Action Force is off on their new adventure.

Action Man splits the team up, sending Knuck and Natalie together off on their own while he explores another part of the desert.

Action Man finds that one of the sand dunes in the desert is a hologram. Once he passes through the hologram, he discovers a hard sand fortress built by Doctor X. As he attempts to climb into Dr X’s fortress, the Doctor triggers a booby-trap and Action Man is suddenly dropped into a pit, which is slowly being filled with sand. Doctor X appears as a large Hologram of his own head, telling Action Man that his death is imminent. It is then that Action Man has a flashback relating to the beach.

Knuck arrives and rescues Action Man. The flashback gives Action Man an idea, and he has Jacques use jet-extreme to seed the desert clouds and create rain.

Since it rarely, if ever, rains in the Gobi desert, Dr X was unprepared and his fortress melts away, causing the gun to misfire and a rogue moon to destroy his own base.


  • Flashback: Action Man remembers having been at the beach as a child. His memory also shows his mother playing with him and is seen with blonde hair.
  • In this episode, Action Man wears the climbing outfit of the "Mission Extreme" figure.

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