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Sir Arthur Strong is an ISD member appearing in the Action Man CGI movies.

Action Man: X Missions[]

In this movie, Sir Arthur fulfills the same role as General Hawk in G.I. Joe: Valor vs Venom, being captured by Dr X and turned into a monstrous being called Tyrannotox. Action Man and Action Force face Tyrannotox and turn him back into normal.

Action Man: Código Gangrena[]

In the third CGI movie, Sir Arthur frequently appears communicating with Action Force. He tells them that Professor Gangrene has freed Dr X and No Face from jail, and later reveals a green goo that Flynt finds being a powerful mutagen.


Sir Arthur's CGI character model seems to be based on the G.I. Joe character Shipwreck (Valor vs Venom version) sans the hat and with blond hair.