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"Sky Jacked" is the story featured in issue #67 of Action Man.


Action Man has to make a dangerous delivery in Air Force jet Thunderstreak. The cargo are precious minerals that can turn worthless metals into gold and must be delivered in mid-air.

A fake refuelling jet throws a hose that actually allows Dr X and his henchmen to enter the Thunderstreak. After some skirmish, Dr X presses a button that ejects the pilot and then allows Action Man to be sucked out by the open cockpit. Action Man uses his parachute and air surfer to save his life and maneuvers to enter the now vacated Thunderstreak and drives it up to stop it from crashing on the city.

Meanwhile, Dr X's jet begins its descent with the stolen mineral in hand, and he has the container opened to see it, but right after the container is opened, Dr X gets a radio call from Action Man, telling him that the mineral is highly unstable, and below the height of 30000 feet it shouldn't be exposed to the air, otherwise it disappears in a cloud of worthless, smelly gas.

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