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Action Man must come to the rescue when the evil Doctor X skyjacks two of the world's richest men aboard their commercial airliner and threatens to incinerate the vessel with a nuclear missile if his ransom demands aren't met.


We begin in French Guinea where Fuji Akita and Gunter Schmitz, the two of the world’s richest men, announced their interview of their spaceship named Astro 1 to take them on a trip to outer space. Meanwhile, Dr X watched the news from his communication phone and declares his plan. He ordered Gangrene and his Skullmen to sneak inside Astro 1 to replace the computer chip with the fake one by distracting the guards to fall asleep with knockout gas to make sure that no one will suspect them, and they did! After their mission succeeds, they headed back to Dr X’s ship and blast off.

In space, Action Man and Knuckle, in their spacesuit, are repairing some windows on Space Station Extreme when the meteorites keep flowing down around them both. One meteor flew past Knuck, grazing his spacesuit, causing him to lose his air and float away. Action Man rescued him by sticking a tape on the hole of the suit, securing his air. Then they float back to their headquarters to continue their work. Inside the station, Secretary Norris patched the communication of Astro 1 to Jaqueline and Natalie. As they watched, Astro 1 blasts off to outer space.

Inside Dr X’s secret base, he watched the Astro 1 on his screen and ordered Gangrene to activate the fake chip’s program. Inside Astro 1, the lights went out and the two astronauts began to panic when Dr X appears on screen.

Back at Space Station Extreme, Secretary Norris told the Action Teams that Dr X is taking control of Astro 1 and patches them into Dr X. The screen changes to Dr X and Team Extreme watches him speaking to the astronauts. When he done speaking to him, he turned to Action Man and warned him not to interfere or the consequences will be upon his head. Determined not to fail the world, he ordered his team suit up and get extreme. Then they set off in their Jet Extreme.


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