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"Swarm" is the story featured in issue #63 of Action Man.


Action Man is in Tokyo checking out a satellite report on Professor Gangrene. Suddenly, Gangrene's ninja henchmen grab Action Man and drag him underground. Gangrene watches from a monitor while he prepares to use a cyber-swarm against the citizens of Tokyo.

Action Man defeats two ninjas with his Tokyo Extreme rotor weapon, but the other two make him pummel to the water, where some gators try to eat him. Luckily, he can use the Tokyo Extreme as an outboard motor to escape.

Action Man reaches Gangrene, who prepares to send his cyber-bugs loaded with sleeping gas, but Action Man releases them before time and the swarm attacks anything, even Gangrene. Action Man uses the Tokyo Extreme to finish the swarm and then finds Gangrene sleeping due to the effect of the gas.