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Brandon in his new body


Swarm Part 2 is the second part of the Season 1 finale and se's Alex and Dr X team up to face a common foe with a suprising conection to Alex.


Following the previous episode everyone looks on in horror at the sight of the Trillabug swarm, which has formed in to a giant monster bearing the resemblance of Brandon Caine. For now the creature has not moved but has been angrily examining its mutant body. Catching sight of Dr X the creature lets out a roar of anger making it clear its out for Dr X's blood.

Alex demands Dr X explain whats going on and the scientist admits that he is suprised by this turn of events like everyone else. Dr X the surmizes that when he downloaded his brain waves in to Brandon's body, Brandon's mind wich was being stored in the computer was acidently dowloaded into a Trillobug when the aqua base was destroyed. This incident created a smater, uncontrolable Trillabug human hybrid wich escaped the base and is now out for revenge. Alex tries to appeal to his friend's mind but, Brandon's anger combined with the aggresive programing of his Trillabug body means he is in no mood for a talk and he lets of a bolt of energy at his friend and enemy. The Counsel of Doom try to attack Brandon but he easily swats them aside and seams ready to attack Alex before he is briefly able to regain some control and begs Alex to help him.

Unfortunatly Diana and the special forces arrive and attack the Trillobugs driving Brandon in to the ocean and away for now. Ignoring Alex's plea to let him talk to Dr X Diana takes the Counsel in to custody. Realising they will need Dr X's equipment to try and help Brandon, Alex has Grinder exted the cloaking on their ship over Dr X's to hide it from Diana and Intercept who leave in a huff.

At Intercept HQ the Legion have been put in specialised cells meaning they are going no where fast. Alex has also arrived at Intercept to ask Diana to let him talk with Dr X in order to help Brandon. Diana cautions Alex that Dr X will kill him if isnt careful. The pair are unaware that Brandon has entered the building through the air ducts followed by his Trillabug swarm.

Brandon crashes through the ducts in to the holding area intending to get his revenge on X who is calm due to the fact the cell has been made bug proof. Alex and Diana arrive at that moment to se the Trillabug monster ready to attack the cell. Alex realises he has to find the hybrid leader bug and leaps at the Swarm wich lets him pass since it dosent se him has a threat while attacking Diana. While he is distracted, Dr X appeals to the Trillabug side of Brandon by telling him the base hold a large array of supercomputers for him to feed on causing the swarm to scuttel of for its next meal.

Alex chastises X for making the situation worse though the scientist claims he is playing things like a game of chess. However, it seems Brandon's rage is stronger than his hunger has the swarm returns having formed into the giant construct again. The creature rabidly tries to reach Dr. X in his cell while Alex tries to get Brandon to calm down and stop attacking. It seems though that Alex's attempts are in vain has the creature seems ready to bring the building down.