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"The Greatest Escape" is the story featured in issue #62 of Action Man


Action Man saves the inhabitants of Devil's Island from the eruption of Volcano Helstrom. After saving the villagers, he must save the convicts of the top security prison, Dr X's men that Action Man put there in the first place.

Action Man reaches the prison on his Motorbike Extreme and tells the prisoners to follow his orders to stay alive. He overrides the security systems and guides them through dungeon tunnels under the prison, leading to an underground cave.

After the convicts leave the cave, Dr X arrives and offers them to work for him again if they finish Action Man. The ungrateful convicts try to get Action Man, but another eruption separates them from him. Action Man shoots a tree to improvise a bridge and save the convicts, but before they can betray him again, they are taken by guards. Dr X escapes using his jetpack, but he cannot see where he goes due to ash from the volcano, and falls into the river.

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