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When Secretary Norris is arrested for treason and replaced by a minion of Crux, the new Secretary General's first act is to disband the Action Force. Action Man and the Action Force find themselves without authority or equipment and must act on their own in order to clear Norris' name and stop Doctor X from obtaining a shipment of nuclear warheads!


In Halifax, Nova Scotia at night, the captain ordered his men to stow the weapon shipment on board the ship, ready to be feuled up, when an army of Dr. X's skulljets attacked. The police tries to fend them off, but to no effect. They ran for cover, abandoning the weapon shipment. The captain calls Secretary Norris and told him that they have an extreme emergency. In outer space, inside the space station extreme headquarters, the action team extreme force are preparing for action. They dashed into the jet extreme and blast off to earth. When they found the two skullmen, Action Man chases after them in his scuba ski while his team can take care of the skulljets, clearing them away. A minute later, after defeating all skullmen, Action Man retrieves the cargo which was knocked into the water and headed back to jet extreme. The next day, Action Man and Natalie had a meeting with Norris about the weapon shipments. Suddenly, the police cops entered the office and arrested Norris. When Norris infuriatingly demands to know what's going on, his former assistant, Carlo DeMicchi, tells him that he was providing terroists elements with top secret information of the security council weapon shipments when working for Dr. X that he suspected all the time. As he ordered the cops to take Norris away, he began to disband the action team by kicking them out of the building.


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