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Our story begins in the jungles of South America. A mysterious truck drives up to what appears to be a restricted area with a fence and guards. The truck stops right in front of them and from it comes Dr. X and his Skullmen. Dr. X tells the guards to drop their weapons, and they do, mainly because the Skullmen pointed guns at them. Behind the fence is a native village. One of the huts in this village is filled with natives that are sick with a virus called The Red Plague. A doctor along with them works on a cure. He is successful and cures them of their illness. Just as he does, Skullmen with Dr. X bust through the hut behind them. Dr. X tells him he has “big plans” for the red plague. “Big plans indeed”.

At Action Force's Headquarters, Secretary Norris alerts Action Man of Dr. X’s plan to contaminate the world with the Red Plague if he’s not given a trillion in gold. As Norris informs Action Man of Dr. X’s plan, a man gives Norris an envelope. As he opens it, Action Man screams “NO! DON’T OPEN THAT!” but is too late. Norris opens the envelope and exposes himself to the Red Plague. As he’s infected, he grabs the man, his suit tears off and is revealed to be a Skullman.

At that moment, Dr. X appears on their screen. Dr. X confirms that Norris has indeed been infected and has 48 hours to live. Dr. X demands his trillion in gold in that time, or he will infect the world with his plague. They trace Dr. X’s signal and find him in South America, in some underground lab.

After Jet Extreme takes off, Natalie makes an observation that Dr. X could only infect parts of the world with the virus, and the virus could be contained before it hits the rest of the world, but Action Man assures them that Dr. X does not make “Idle threats”. As they reach South America, they are met with a warm Skullmen greeting of large laser guns shooting at them. Action Man, Knuck, and Natalie eject on a jeep and a military vehicle, and charge after the laser cannons and the skullmen working them. A direct hit from the Jeep’s laser destroys the cannon and the Skullmen run away.

Afterwards, Action Man rushes to the nearby lab where even MORE Skullmen greet them with lasers. They and the Action Force exchange laser fire. Action Man quite literally leaps into action and pounces on one of the Skullmen. He then uses a technique that puts them to sleep. Then, they blast through the doors and capture Dr. X. Knuck gloats about how they won, but Action Man is no fool. He’s perfectly aware that this was far too easy and he was, of course, right. Dr. X is revealed to be the scientist, in a Dr. X mask. But not before Jet Extreme parks in front of the lab, behind them is the real Dr. X with more Skullmen. Dr. X reveals that he needs Jet Extreme in order to move fast enough into the Stratosphere to spread the plague all over the world. Dr. X then sprays the plague at the Action Force.

Action Man picks up what must most likely be a canister of the cure, but a Skullman shoots at it, blowing it up and blowing him clear out of the building, leaving Knuck and Natalie infected. Dr. X and his Skullmen invade Jet Extreme. Jacques has no choice but to eject out and find Action Man. The Skullmen surround him, but Action Man ambushes them. With the scientist and a big heaping canister of the plague on board, Dr. X takes off with Jet Extreme. Jacques says that he placed a homing device on the Jet before escaping and suggests that they could shoot it down, but with the scientist on board, they can’t. They need him to cure Knuck and Natalie.

As Action Man watches Natalie suffer, he has a sudden flashback of a burning house, and himself as a boy, screaming for his mom and dad.

Action Man puts himself in a rocket still armed in a rocket launcher, and is fired towards Jet Extreme. With a grappling gun, Action Man swings onto the jet and manages to climb onto it.

Once inside, he fights off some Skullmen and rescues the scientist, but Dr. X stands over the exit of the plane, gloating that they’ve reached the Stratosphere, and goes on about how he’s going to infect the plague, when the Scientist sneaks up and injects the cure into the canister, killing the virus. Dr. X is about to zap the scientist, but it bacfires and he’s blasted right out of the jet. Anyone else would assume that was the end of Dr. X, but Action Man doesn’t. He knows better. Back at the lab, Knuck and Natalie are still ill but the Jet comes in with Action Man giving a thumbs up.


  • Flashback: Action Man remembers again his old house burning (just like in Ancient History) but, this time, Action Man is seen himself, as a boy, screaming for his parents where they died in a burning house.
  • This episode is written by Bob Forward, of Beast Wars fame.

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