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Doctor X tests a new super-soldier serum.


The story opens in Chicago, USA. There we see a place called Jack’s Gym, run by the aforementioned Jack (he has "Jack" written across his muscle shirt). When we meet Jack, he is trying to convince 3 skinny kids to join his Gym, along with free samples of his all-new Vitamin X.

Later, we see Knuck asking Action Man to go with him to check on his nephew Tom. Tom was one of the skinny kids Jack was trying to get to try Vitamin X. When Knuck finds Tom, he is wrestler big. We find out that Professor Gangrene has invented a highly addictive super steroid and Doctor X is using it to create an army of super soldiers… he is using the Gym as a testing ground for the drug.

Action Man gets Tom to help him bring down X’s latest scheme, while Tom struggles with his own drug addicted demons and almost ruins everything. But, in the end, he learns that drugs are bad and that he can build muscles by simply working hard.


  • Flashback: We get some flashback about Action Man possibly attending school once.
  • This episode is the only one centered around Knuck.
  • Jack is clearly designed to look like Hulk Hogan and is , naturally, a VERY large man.
  • Action Man wears the SWAT team figure uniform.
  • This episode was written by series editor Phil Harnage.

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