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Commander of Dr. X's Skullmen and the former love interest of Action Man, Ursula is a deadly hand-to-hand combat fighter and a very capable commander. She is both feared and respected by the Skullmen. An expert marksman and sharpshooter she is as skilled with weapons as she is with her fist.

1990s TV series[]


When Ursula joined Dr. X's Skullman ranks as a new recruit, she was in the same group of new recruits as Action Man, who was secretly undercover in an operation to infiltrate Dr. X's terrorist group The Council of Doom. Ursula and Action Man were at the top of the class and together they couldn’t be beaten. Ursula was Action Man equal and they both caught the attention of Dr. X. After falling in love with Action Man during their training and subsequent missions for Dr. X over a 2 year time period, Action Man revealed himself to be a double agent trying to bring down Dr X's terrorist group from within, and begged Ursula to leave Dr. X before the British secret service came in. Ursula was hurt that Action Man would lie to her and betray Dr. X who she had started to admire and look up too. Ursula refused and Action Man was discovered, but not before the current Skullman operation was wiped out.

Because of both her past with Action Man as his lover and his betrayal of their love she has become a hardened women and warrior and extremely loyal to Dr. X. While she wants revenge on Action Man for betraying her and their love, she was unable to actually kill him when she had a chance once in the everglades. Deep down, she still loves and respects Action Man for his convictions and skills.

It is unknown if, given the chance again, she would take it, as she has been heard saying that someday they will have to settle an old score and that they still are enemies, but it seems that she still loves Action Man. Therefore, she is extremely dangerous especially for Action Man, both as a physical and a mental threat. It is unknown how much feelings Action Man keeps for Ursula, but it's expected he still has some and maybe even still loves her, much to Natalie's dismay.

However, she has recently led Action Man into several traps using his loss of memory and their past as lovers.

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