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Natalie Poole believes that she has discovered Action Man's home. And so it would seem at first. But what she and Action Man do not realise is that the house is fake, the neighbours are under the control of Doctor X and the whole place is a trap designed to ensure the destruction of the Action Force and their base!


We start off at the World Information Bureau and we see a caped man sneaking around. The camera pans around and shows some Skull-men then taking out the guards, as the caped man walking into the building pulls off his hood and reveals himself to be Dr. X!

The silent security alarms go off and Secretary Norris mobilizes the Action Force. Back at the World Information Bureau (W.I.B. for short) Dr. X is downloading something, which later is revealed to be some information he wants Action Man to have.

Suddenly outside the Action Force attacks, Action Man enters the WIB building with his motorcycle and Natalie and Knuck parachute drop into the area. Once inside, Action Man finds Dr. X but, as always, Dr. X has an advantage up his sleeve--- Hostages this time!

Action Man is told to drop his weapons ,and he does, but not before activating a delayed firing of his wrist rockets. The rockets go off, and Natalie and Knuck bust in with all weapons firing, and manage to rescue the hostages, as well as sending Dr. X and his Skull-men packing.

Once they have cleared out all of Dr X’s forces and secure the place, Natalie is taking a look at the computers to see what Dr. X was up to. What she finds is shocking! It appears that Action Man's home when he was a child is in Havenport, England, but all the other information has been erased! Action Man and Secretary Norris turn to Natalie and ask her if she has found anything, but she just tells them "sorry Dr. X wiped the computers clean". She then copies the information onto a disc, erases the computer and heads off alone !

In Havenport Natalie starts to do some detective work by checking out the town ,the home and asking people if they know the man in her picture of Action Man. Soon she comes across a shop keeper who says yes he knows him quite well they were next door neighbors. Natalie’s is excited and she probes him for more information. He tells her where the old house that AM used to live ( I think it’s important here to note that he gives no names )

Excited, Natalie contacts Action Force's HQ to talk to Action Man. Action Man doesn’t remember a town called Havenport nor does it trigger any memory flashbacks! He then asks her why did she not tell anyone? She responds with “believe it or not, I follow up on a lot of leads that lead nowhere” This shows that Natalie really cares about Action Man. She didn’t want to get his hopes up and so was considerate of his feelings, it also goes to show that she has been very active in her search to find, and help Action Man find, more about his past and who he is. Action Man is excited and waste no time, he heads off to Havenport to see it himself in his red Convertible car and is off with hopes of regaining his memories!

In Havenport, Action Man and Natalie meet up and go to the house, and the house causes a flashback! We quickly see Action Man's room when he was a child and he remembers! Quickly, Natalie grabs Action Mans hand and together, hand in hand, they go into the house. However, once in the house, Action Man says he remembers his room now, but something just doesn’t feel right, something is ……….off!

Suddenly, the next door neighbor comes in and says hello, but Action Man doesn’t remember him. Shocked, the next door neighbor says that he was his brother’s best friend!

Action Man stumbles back! What? I have a brother?? Action Man is shocked at this discovery , but the neighbor then says “well, you HAD a brother” and he explains that he disappeared one day and most people think he is responsible for it because soon after, he left as well too. Action Man is trying to remember things and make heads of everything, when a policeman enters the house and arrest Action Man for the disappearance of his brother ! Action Man is taken and put into jail, much to Natalie’s Shock!

In Jail Action Man is looking through his cells window and hears a child calling for it mother , when suddenly this causes the same flashback as he had before but this time he hears something in his memory! He hears himself as a little boy saying “Hey you hurt me” and then he hear another boys voice an evil voice saying Hey that is what brothers are for” and he laughs an evil laugh. Action Man remembers he does have a brother! And it’s true! But he also notices something, the window in his room in his flashback , when looking out has a flat horizon but this town is surrounded by tall hills! He then realizes that the house is a fake made to look like his old home and that his is not his hometown!

Elsewhere at the Inn where Natalie’s is staying she is trying to get into contact with Action Force HQ to get some help but her transmission is disrupted by Dr. X and then Dr. X breaks in grabs her computer and takes her prisoner!

Natalie, ask what is going on! And Dr. X gloats triumphantly about downloading false information into the computers at the W.I.B.. Natalie asks why would he do this? why would he try to torture Action Man like this?

Dr. X says no! that’s just a bonus what he needed was the coordinates of Action Forces Base so he could test his new cannon on it. And with Natalie trying to contact Base he now has the coordinates!

In Jail, Action Man manages to break free and help a child and his mother, who he heard escaping as well. He finds out there the fake neighbors, family and they were being held hostage and threatened if they didn’t co-operate with Dr. X. Dr. X gives the command to power up the cannon, which is nearby in the hills surrounding the town. When, suddenly, he hears an explosion, looks outside and sees the Jail burning with Action Man and the mother and child escaping.

Natalie, with the help of the neighbor, escapes using Action Man's activities as the diversion needed. She runs outside, dodging incoming fire, and jumps into Action Man’s Car. Here, Action Man says “I usually don’t pick up girls like this” with Natalie responding “ How would you know”!

Action Man and Natalie make their way to the cannon and, once they get near the cannon, they see it preparing to fire at their base. Action Man’s car is equipped with rockets, and Action Man fires them at the cannon, just in time. The cannon explodes, saving their base from certain destruction.

Dr. X is furious and pledges revenge! He torches the house that was used as Action Man's home and leaves, with no trace or clues

Natalie apologies to Action Man. She feels bad it was all for nothing, and that the house and town was not his. The neighbor also apologizes, and says he has truly never seen or hear of Action Man before. Dr. X made him do it or he would kill his family.

Natalie and Action Man get into the car together and ride off into the horizon, alone and together.


  • Flashback: Action Man remembers his old room when he was a child. The subsequent episodes reveal more about his house where he lives from his childhood.
  • This episode is mainly centered on the character of Natalie.
  • Despite the story from the neighbor being fake, other episodes reveal that Action Man actually has a brother. The series bible reveals more about it.

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